Company information

1Masks information

1masks is the brand under Skypro Medical Supplies Company which founded 1998.

We are the leading manufacturer of facemask in Xiamen region.

Our manufacturing plant, SPRO medical products (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is located in Xiamen City, China.

The 8000 square meters plant manufacture 2500,000 masks daily.

Our full automatic mask making machine sets in class 100 clean room to ensure the cleaningness of the products.

The products of 1masks are under provision of Skypro and manufactured in SPRO Medical Products (Xiamen) Co, Ltd. which is wholly owned by Skypro.

1masks brand is OBM project of Skypro from 2011, it provide full range of facemasks for various use. 1masks aims to provide good quality and reasonable price of different facemasks.

Our R&D continuous develop innovative mask providing the comfort and safety facemask for 1masks user.